Port and Food Pairings

Cool post with some great pairngs in it. I just made a post about Pairing Wine with Chocolate! wp.me/p4QzYl-l

Until recently my knowledge and experience with port was somewhat sporadic, and I didn’t fully appreciate the full range of port types and the various foods to pair with the different types. To be sure, I had had Rubies, Tawnies, LBV, Vintage, and even white ports. However, I’m interested in all things wine and food, pairings and tastings, and now have brought in a full line of Ports to Pairings, from a small family owned Port house, where they still make port the traditional way, which includes stomping the grapes by foot (although I’m not sure now much of a plus that is). Anyway, we will be doing a pairing of 7 ports paired with foods, as listed below. Also, I wrote an article on port that was in the Winchester paper, and include that below as a primer for anyone interested in a basic explanation of port and the…

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