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Summer cocktail hours are the best cocktail hours, especially with white port.
White port is much lesser-known than its ruby and tawny cousins, but I discovered it in Portugal and it’s so good for summer cocktailing. These cocktails are super refreshing and super easy to make: one part white port, one part tonic, and mint for garnish. Pour over ice and you’re ready for happy hour!

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Maya Angelou’s Pears in Port Wine

pears in port wine… sounds yummy!

Optimal Edibles

Along with her many literary gifts, Maya Angelou also gave the world a cookbook, Great Food, All Day Long. Although many of her culinary creations fall outside the parameters of this blog, this recipe for pears poached in port would be delicious as an occasional indulgence–especially with the addition of some whole spices (such as cloves, cinnamon, and allspice) and orange rind, and substituting cashew cream for the accompanying ice cream. “Second or third servings [reserved as leftovers] could be eaten in the morning with coffee or in the afternoon with a cup of aromatic tea,” Ms. Angelou suggested. Excellent breakfast fare, indeed.

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Truth is in Wine

Port is the nectar of choice for this God!

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060 Truth is in WineIt’s not strange that wine is known as the nectar of the Gods. Their food and drink were called by the collective name “ambrosia” but if I have to be more preciseI should say that their food was ambrosia while they drank wine named nectar which was brought to them in Olympus by doves and pigeons.

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